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Defog Solution Secures Key Infrastructure

DivioTec Defog Solution For Key Infrastructure
Cameras in outdoor areas often have to contend with adverse weather conditions and unfavorable atmospheric conditions. Fog, drizzle, smog or smoke can all affect the image quality to the extent of making it unrecognizable. In foggy images, light reflected from the object and light in the atmosphere are scattered by the particles between the camera and the object, lowering visibility, contrast and color saturation.

In areas that require full-time outside monitoring, such as airports and ports, a function for removing fog is crucial to improving the recognition rate. DivioTec cameras withstand in extreme weather condition and offer solution to the foggy environment. Our defog technology is made possible with our SoC (System on Chip) developed by RD team. Through this technology, DivioTec camera provides clear images that require full-time monitoring for key infrastructure such as airports and ports.

Current support model includes our H.265 Series NBR123P, NDR153P, NBR125C /tab/1637/cat/392/ with firmware Cam16D_DV0013 or above.
Please see the video here:/tab/1623/id/2339/ or contact our sales team for more information.