Diviotec Protect Red Bull Factory with Smart Perimeter Protection

Diviotec Protect Red Bull Factory with Smart Perimeter Protection

Red Bull, a well-known energy drink, sold over 6.8 billion cans in over 171 countries, generated average $7.4 billion revenue per year, occupying the highest market share in global energy drink market. In 2019, Red Bull Thailand headquarter extended the production plant, seeking a new perimeter solution to monitor the critical area. Diviotec SmartCam with 2MP, 140dB WDR, built-in intrusion detection triggers Milestone Alarm Manager when people trespassing the virtual fence on camera field-of-view. It provided a first layer of perimeter protection, reduced the total cost of electronic fence equipment, and decrease the unnecessary security action with immediate visual verification on Milestone Client when event happen.

First Layer of Protection: Alert by DivioTec Smart Detections, Verified by Milestone Vision
Diviotec SmartCam provides a simplified deployment with Milestone VMS system as first layer perimeter protection. It allows you to set up virtual fences in a camera's field of view to protect an area from intrusion. When it detects a moving object, such as a person or vehicle, crossing a user-defined virtual line, it automatically triggers Milestone Alarm Management System to pop up alarm live view, start event recording, and document evidence video. It allows security guard to focus on potential danger and take preventive action, also reduces bandwidth and storage requirements.

Why Diviotec: Design Unique and Simplified Deployment with Milestone VMS
DivioTec SmartCam built-in video analytics is a standard feature. It triggers Milestone system alarm through TCP/IP notification. It can simplify deployment and tuning of client projects, providing a unique customized solution by combining the right cameras with Milestone global partners. See how to set up:https://diviotec.com/tab/1623/id/2402/

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