Challenging Lighting Condition-Solution by application

Challenging Lighting Condition

DivioTec in-vehicle police car solution not only help to reduce the costs for incident responses, it also gives police officers an efficient tool to prevent crime and to investigate various incidents on board. With DivioTec industrial-grade on-board fan-less computer and vibration-proof IP67 camera, we provides the police officers with correct data as well as high megapixel video from the vehicle’s surroundings to reduce the crime rate.

Overcome Low Light Condition

DivioTec LPR/ANPR network camera captures crisp details with remarkable clarity and low noise in almost pitch-black night-time starlight.

Overcome High-beam Headlight

The headlight suppression technology enables the camera to suppress oncoming high-beam headlights to capture clear images for license plate recognition.

Overcome IR beam Angle Imbalance

Conventional Static IR LED causes imbalance IR lighting due to the difference between the pre-set IR beam angle and FOV. DivioTec Zoom Adaptive IR dynamically adjusts the IR beam along with FOV to provide the most effective illumination over the entire imaging area.

User-defined Illumination Intensity

Users can manually adjust the infrared and white LED illumination intensity to avoid overexposure and improve energy efficiency.